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Serving WCS elevation data to World Wind using GeoServer

I wrote a post earlier about how to configure GeoServer to serve elevation data to World Wind as a Web Map Service (WMS). Serving elevations over WMS is possible, but requires configuration on both the server and client. World Wind … Continue reading

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Typeset SciDB queries in LaTeX

I often use the listings package in LaTeX for formatting source code in documents. I recently needed to include some SciDB queries in a report that I wrote in LaTeX, so a put together a listing language definition file for … Continue reading

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SciDB tips

I’m working on a project that will use SciDB for an analysis of MODIS data. This post is a dumping ground for small things that I wish I had known at the start of this process. Most of these are … Continue reading

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How to call an R function from C

Last year I worked on an analysis project in which we needed to call a statistical function written in R from a C program. There are some great tools to integrate R and C++ (for example Rccp and Rinside), but … Continue reading

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Serving BIL Elevation Data with Geoserver

I’ve recently been looking into how to use the GeoServer map server to serve elevation data to the NASA World Wind virtual globe. It is possible to do this, but there are some complications. In this article I’m going to … Continue reading

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First day in Morocco

I arrived in Morocco today, via ferry from Spain. I’m spending the first night at a youth hostel in Tangier. First impressions are that Morocco is intense. So many people try to make a living off of tourists that you … Continue reading

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Lost…er…’Off-route exploration’ in the Sierra Nevada

I just finished a four day hiking trip in the Spanish Sierra Nevada with my Dutch friend Jurgen. I don’t really get Spanish trail maps. They use the same marking for a huge well groomed trail with suspension bridges over … Continue reading

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I’ve spent the last month doing volunteer work at Sunseed Desert Technology ( in southern Spain (near Almeria). It’s a cool place, with friendly people. The work is quite varied. Cooking, gardening, laying tile, building (or more often repairing) stuff. … Continue reading

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First week in Spain

I arrived in Spain last Thursday, in Madrid. I hadn’t bothered to book a bed in advance, since it was mid-week during the off season. And of course I arrived in Madrid after a late night and a day of … Continue reading

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Jampa Ling

I’ve spent the last week working at the Jampa Ling Tibetan Buddhist center in exchange for room and board. There’s a community of about ten people here, and occasional guests. The center is kind of in the middle of Ireland, … Continue reading

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