Hi, I’m Parker Abercrombie. I’m a software engineer in the Human Interfaces group at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where I work in the Ops Lab.

Some of my open source projects are available on github.

Other projects:


Boston University
M.A., Geography
Course work included remote sensing, data mining and machine learning.

University of California, Santa Barbara
College of Creative Studies
B.S., Creative Studies, emphasis in Computer Science


Karaorman, M., Abercrombie, P., “jContractor: Introducing Design-by-Contract to Java Using Reflective Bytecode Instrumentation” Formal Methods in System Design. 27(3), 275-312

Abercrombie, P., Karaorman, M., “jContractor: Bytecode Instrumentation Techniques for Implementing Design by Contract in Java.” Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 70(4), 55-79

Abercrombie, P. Ludwig, A., “Water Storage for Off-grid Living.” The Last Straw: The International Quarterly Journal of Straw Bale and Natural Building, 58, 17-20.

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