Jampa Ling

I’ve spent the last week working at the Jampa Ling Tibetan Buddhist center in exchange for room and board. There’s a community of about ten people here, and occasional guests. The center is kind of in the middle of Ireland, not far from the border with Northern Ireland. It’s a very pretty place, with a couple lakes nearby and a small forest. I’ve been working in the garden, which has been nice, but also a bit chilly since the weather has been cold. It’s snowing today. The people here are very friendly. There is a Tibetan┬áLama in residence, and he is a really lovely man.

Right now we are all busy getting ready for a teaching weekend. Tomorrow fifty people will arrive for Rinpoche’s teaching, so all the beds need to be made, and floors cleaned and all that.

I will be here one more week, and then I go to Spain! Where it will be warm!

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