Visiting the Graveyard of Ambition (Galway)

Irish poet W.B. Yeats described Galway as the “Graveyard of Ambition”. That’s where I headed after spending a week in Dublin. I made a few friends in Galway during my last stay in Ireland, and I wanted to stop by and say hi to them. I stayed with my Canadian friend Cody, and dropped by a couple juggling sessions at the university. Last night we all went to a good fire spinning party at a pub, hosted by the university juggling society. I also spent a couple days out in the country at a riding stable near Galway city. It was nice to get out in the country for a bit and slow down.

Today I’m back in Dublin. This time I’m here to work as a volunteer at the Temple Bar Trad Festival, and hopefully hear some good Irish traditional music.

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