Return to the Emerald Isle

My friend Kelsey told me that she was coming to Ireland for a couple weeks to visit the family that she used to au pair for, so I decided to return to Ireland to meet up with here. We met in Dublin about a week ago, and then spent a couple days near Sligo (Western Ireland).

When Kelsey’s host family came back, I headed up to Northern Ireland for a couple days. I stayed two nights in a hostel near Castlerock. It’s definitely the off-season up here, and I had the entire hostel to myself. I spent another couple nights in Ballycastle, and there I had to share the hostel with a couple other people.

One of the main attractions of this part of Northern Ireland is Giant’s Causeway. It’s a formation of basalt pillars that suggests a sort of road over the sea to Scotland. Legend has it that it was built by the Irish giant Fin MacCool. It’s actually very similar to Devil’s Postpile in California. (So much so that it took me a week to get the name into my head: Giant’s Causeway, not Devil’s Causeway.)

Today I’m headed back to Dublin to see Kelsey before she goes back to the States.

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