I’ve spent the last week doing work exchange at an intentional community on the border between Holland and Germany. Technically, we’re in Germany, but the nearest town is in Holland. There are about ten people living here, but I’m the only volunteer right now. It’s kind of quiet, this being the middle of winter. I get room and board in exchange for 6 hrs of work a day, 5 1/2 days per week. I’ve spent most of my time cutting wood (a never ending task for those who heat with wood). It’s heavy work, but it feels good to be doing something. I was getting very bored of seeing sights and going to museums.

Not really much to report. I’ve been working hard during the days, and relaxing a lot in the evenings. The weather is nice, and fairly warm (for Europe in the winter, maybe not by California standards). Today we had a beautiful sunset.

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