I arrived in Holland last week, and met my friend Luuk in Amsterdam. He showed me a little of Amsterdam before we went back to his place in The Hague. The next day we drove to Southern Holland for his mom’s birthday party.

For the next few days I am staying at a hostel near Amsterdam. It’s not actually in Amsterdam, but it’s a good deal cheaper than the city hostels. And I think everyone in the Amsterdam hostels are stoned the whole time anyway, so I don’t know if I’m missing much. They have a lot of computer problems at this hostel, and I’m trading tech support for free drinks 🙂

In The Hague Luuk and I visited the Escher museum, which was excellent. I also visited the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, but I thought the Escher museum is really where it’s at. The docent at the Escher museum got a little mad at Luuk and I for taking an unauthorized souvenir photo in the perspective distortion room. It’s a room that is built so that you look really small when you stand in one corner, and big when you stand in the other. They had a computer camera system set up so that you could take your photo, which we did. Then this old dutch lady appears, speechless and wide-eyed. “You…you are not allowed to take a photo by yourselves…” Her mind reeling, trying to take in the magnitude of our trespass. Well, the computer screen says “Push the red button to take your photo” (in English and Dutch). If you don’t want people to take photos, don’t tell them how to do it.

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