Broke in Belgium

I arrived in Gent, Belgium on Saturday evening…and immediately lost my wallet. Maybe I left it in the phone booth after trying to call my couchsurfing host. Maybe it fell out of my pocket as I was getting change for the bus. Whatever happened, it was gone. No credit cards, no ATM card, and 1.70 Euro in my pocket. I met my host, Lore, and she helped me sort things out and try to cancel the cards. Calling CapitalOne from Belgium to report a lost card, and being put on hold for fifteen minutes did not make for a very pleasant evening.

The next morning I went by the police station, just in case my wallet had found its way there. I wasn’t really that hopeful. The officer looked a little bored. I explained that I’d lost my wallet, and was hoping that maybe someone brought it in. From his look, I could tell that he thought it was a long shot too. “Name?” he asked. “Parker Abercrombie”. “Oh…”, he says, “”Hey guys, Parker is here! Yeah, we’ve got your wallet, man! It’s all there: 30 euro, your credit cards, phone cards, everything!”.

So the story has a happy ending after all. I will have to replace my credit card, since I already reported it lost. But my ATM card is back, and I was able to repay the money that Lore loaned to me.

Now that the wallet thing is resolved, I’m having a good time in Belgium. Gent is a very cute town. The city center is lots of windy little streets, and big cathedrals. And they have a castle. I am here one more night, and then I return to Holland.

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