Still in Stockholm

I’m still hanging out in Stockholm. Mostly I’ve been, well, hanging out. But I’ve gone out to some museums and checked out the town. I crashed the Stockholm Juggling Club last weekend, but it was kind of a slow day and there were only two other jugglers there. Apparently there was a beer festival, and all the other jugglers went there instead.

The other day Patrick and I went out to see a movie at what I think is the coolest movie theater ever. It’s a very old theater, and has a really relaxed, friendly atmosphere. It’s attached to a cafe selling organic tea, coffee, and snacks. We were afraid we might miss the start of the movie while we were chatting over our drinks, but the waitress said she’d let us know when the movie started, and we could take our drinks in with us. As the movie was starting, the projectionist tapped me on the shoulder to ask how the volume was. The movie we saw was “Tristram Shandy”, an absolute bizarre but hilarious British film, as only British films can be.

My favorite Stockholm museum remains the Vasa Museet. The Vasa is a tall ship that was once the crowning glory of the Swedish navy. Unfortunately, it sank in the Stockholm harbor, only twenty minutes into it’s maiden voyage. Bit of an embarrassment for the ship builder, but lucky for him, he died before it was completed. In the 1950’s, the wreck was found and salvaged, and now’s it stands fully preserved as a museum.

Last week we celebrated a Swedish Halloween. I baked a pumpkin pie, since none of the Swedes had ever tried one, and we even got one group of trick-or-treaters.

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