I left Stockholm yesterday, after spending just over a month in the city. I hadn’t planned to stay so long, but my aunt in Oregon has been very ill with cancer, and she passed away a couple weeks ago. So I decided that I would rather be staying with friends in Stockholm than be on my own at a hostel during that time. It’s been a pretty difficult and emotional past few weeks.

I am now in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m staying with Andreas and Taylor, who I connected with over They are both great, and I’m having a good time. Today Andreas showed me around the city and some of the museums. We also visited Christiana, a “Freecity” within Copenhagen that exists (mostly) independent of the Danish government. Though I think it has changed a lot since it birth in the ’70s, Christiana remains a stronghold of alternative culture in Denmark. Unfortunately, it’s future is very uncertain, as business interested eye the valuable, well located land that the freecity occupies.

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