Copenhagen and Berlin

I spent Thanksgiving in Copenhagen. I had a mini-Thanksgiving dinner with my hosts (a Dane and a Canadian) and two Australian guests, so it was a very international meal. On Friday I met my Swedish friend Katharina for a drink, and then I went went to a club in Christiania to hear a “power polka” band from Greenland. But they only played one polka. But they did sing some songs in Greenland-ic (?), so that was cool.

On Saturday I caught a bus to Berlin, so spend a couple nights with some other couchsurfing hosts. I saw the remains of the Berlin Wall (which is now a really interesting art gallery), the Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, the sight of the Nazi book burning, and more cool stuff. Berlin has a lot of recent history from WWII and the Cold War, so I found that interesting.

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