Visiting the ancestoral homeland

Before leaving Scotland, I went on a little quest to find the homeland of the Abercrombie clan. A little web research revealed that the clan hails from Fife, and Google maps confirmed that there is indeed a town in Fife called Abercrombie. I set out by bus from Edinburgh to find it and visit it.

To call Abercrombie a town is pushing it a bit. Hamlet is closer to the truth. It’s about half a dozen houses clustered together next to the road. The name Abercrombie means “at the bend in the road”, and sure enough, that’s where the hamlet lies. There used to be a church, but it was shut down in 1646 when the parish joined with the neighboring parish.

I spent one night camping in Fife. I walked through Abercrombie, and then visited St. Monans, which is only 1/2 mile away. St. Monans claims to have the church closest to the sea in Scotland. The part of Fife that I visited was mostly farmland. It was picturesque in an agricultural sort of way, but not my favorite part of Scotland. The coast line was very nice. I walked a few miles along the very beautiful Fife coastal path before catching a bus back to Edinburgh to connect with my bus to England.

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