I arrived in Bristol (south east England) a couple days ago on an overnight bus from Edinburgh. I’m staying with Ya’ara, a friend from the Rainbow Gathering. Bristol is a pretty cool city. There are a lot of environmental things going on here. There is an eco-house that is open to the public, but unfortunately it’s been closed both times I’ve tried to visit.

Last night Ya’ara and I went out with her housemate Battina and their friend Jackie. We went to a stone circle near Bristol in celebration of the Autumn Equinox and Jewish New Year. After that the plan was to go to a pub, but Jackie suggested that we go to the Glastonbury Tor instead. The Tor is a hill with a tower on top that is the site of the Isle of Avalon, famed in King Arthur myth, and is supposed to be the gateway to the underworld. So, stopping only for chips (essential to any British evening), and locally made cider from a pub in Glastonbury, we set out to climb the Tor, arriving at the top a little before midnight. It was a very magical spot, and very beautiful. There was no moon, but lots of stars and not too many clouds.

Today I was planning to go to the Bristol Juggling Convention. (I didn’t know it was happening, until I met another juggler on the bus.) But unfortunately I was confused about exactly where it was happening, and ended up not being able to find it. I will try again tomorrow.

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