More of Edinburgh

I’ve been in Edinburgh for a few days now, and it’s been lots of fun. I’ve spent a lot of time just wandering around. I was going to visit the Surgeon’s Museum (Edinburgh is significant in the history of surgery), but they seem to have started charging admission, for the festival (it’s usually free). So I visited the free Dental Museum instead, and learned all about the history of dental torture devices through the ages. Stuff of nightmares some of it… And we think that going to a modern dentist is bad.

Night before last Orion, Julia, a bunch of their friends, and me went out to see the Trans World Orchestra. It was a didgeridoo and drum-set duo which was simple amazing. Yesterday we spent mostly recovering from our hangovers, and then went out in the evening for Pub Quiz, sort of a pub trivia night with prizes. We were terrible at it. Too many history questions.

Today I’m leaving for Glasgow, where I will start hiking the West Highland Way. It is a 90 mile trek along the west coast of Scotland, and is supposed to be really beautiful.

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