I ended up spending three nights in Galway. The juggling festival, well, kind of sucked. It was windy and raining, which is death to an outdoor juggling event. But Galway is cool, and I enjoyed seeing the city, and getting a little juggling in. The juggling festival drew a lot of people I had met at EJC, so it was nice to reconnect with them.

During the Galway Arts Festival there’s basically nowhere to stay in the city. Everything was booked solid. Fortunately a semi-legal campground had sprung up near the ocean (not actually approved of by the police, but tolerated for the duration of the festival), and I camped there one night. The next day the wind was so strong that it was blowing tents away, and breaking tent poles. I wasn’t eager to spend another night on the water. Luckily, I ran into my Canadian friend Cody (from EJC). He’s living in Galway now, and graciously offered his backyard as a campsite. So I spent my second two nights there. Cody’s place is pretty funky. They have to by their electricity by the euro (there’s a coin slot on their electrical meter), so he said that if I wanted a hot shower I had to put in two euro.

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